About Us

We’re a tight-knit bunch of wordnerds who want nothing more than to show off our skills.

We came from the large-scale transcription industry and became disenchanted with the consistent lack of individual attention and care for transcripts. I guess what we’re trying to say is we love language and the expression of ideas and we want to help you share yours!

We take pride in our ability to quickly create high-quality transcripts.

First your audio files receive individualized attention from one of our top-notch transcription specialists.

Once we have created your document, it’s gone over with a finely-toothed comb before we lovingly email it to your front door.

AudioClerk provides fast, reliable, and affordable audio transcription services. Our well-trained staff will produce high-quality work on time. The expertise we have suits a variety of business and personal purposes.

What We Do

First, we access the audio file that you upload. Then, we let our transcriptionists do their best work. The human touch to each document means higher accuracy without the mistakes that can be caused by automated transcription software. We make sure you receive as accurate of a transcript as possible.

In the process, we take into consideration accents, background noise and technical language. Regardless of the condition of the file, we will try our best to extract all audible conversation. If you have any questions about whether or not we can work with a file, please contact us. We’ll put forth our best effort every time.

Our Experience

Our team comes from a wide range of multimedia production backgrounds as well as large-scale transcription companies. AudioClerk has served countless satisfied clients who need voice translated into text. Businesses turn to us for professional reasons, and we serve educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

Furthermore, we offer services to individuals who require high-quality work to transcribe content for posting their videos online. We’re known for offering individualized attention to our business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients, and our methods produce superior results.

Rush-order services are available. We offer 12- and 24-hour turnaround, and we stand by our commitment to excellence.

In our age of video, podcasts and live streaming, transcription is still a necessary art. Our service is fast, professional and exactly what you need, when you need it!

Types of Transcription Services

AudioClerk handles most types of audio files, however, some extensions aren’t supported by our service. If you find that your extension is not supported, please email us so we can work out a solution. Once your file is uploaded, there are three basic options and three basic rates for transcription.


Our Clean service is just what it says: We “clean” your transcription of all stutters, um’s, uh’s, coughs and sneezes. In other words, we omit mistakes made by the speaker or speakers without changing meaning or context. We also eliminate ambient noises.


Our verbatim service transcribes every sound in the audio file, down to slamming doors, passing traffic, pauses, verbal errors, interruptions and the like. You’ll receive a 100-percent authentic transcription of your event.


AudioClerk offers 48-hour turnaround for any length of audio file. Our 12-hour turnaround service is reserved for only good-quality audio with a file length of under 90 minutes.

How Our Services Help You

Whether you need a transcription of a relative’s tall tale or a record of a business meeting, our services can help. We respect the written word and the meaning of language. Most of all, we care about getting every word right. We can help you preserve your family’s history for future generations, or give you the factual records you need for your research project.

Our lightning-fast transcription team delivers exactly what you need. When you don’t have time to transcribe yourself, we do it for you, even if the audio is poor and time is of the essence.

Choose AudioClerk

You’ll find us affordable, personable, prompt and professional. Contact us today and receive your transcription by email tomorrow!