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We help businesses meet deadlines with accurate and affordable audio and video transcription services. Here are several advantages to using us.


Our transcriptions are 98 percent accurate, making us among the leading providers of transcription services in the industry. As one of the most experienced transcription providers around, we recognize how important accuracy is to productivity and quality to our clients. We’ve created a rigorous quality control review process to guarantee that each file meets our high-quality standards. Our talented team of transcriptionists can assure you a quick turnaround and quality transcription every time.


Our company is dedicated to helping clients meet their transcription needs with minimal overhead. In order to accomplish this, we made sure that our competitively priced products can fit neatly into any budget. No hidden fees and straightforward pricing is something we incorporated into our cost structure.


No company ever wants to worry about missing a deadline for time-sensitive transcription. Every project completed is within the selected deadline and is thoroughly reviewed before released to the client. We aim to make sure that every project receives the same level of attention and care. In partnering with us for your transcription needs, you’re supplementing your team with a reliable, efficient transcription resource.

About Us

We’re a tight-knit bunch of word nerds who want nothing more than to show off our skills.

We started out in the large-scale transcription industry and became disenchanted with the consistent lack of individual attention and care for transcripts. I guess what we’re trying to say is we love language and the expression of ideas and we want to help you share yours!


We take pride in our ability to quickly create high-quality transcripts.

First, your audio files receive individualized attention from one of our top-notch transcription specialists.

Once we have created your document, it’s gone over with a finely-toothed comb before we lovingly email it to your front door.